Mark it Up for Doug

Legislation for Canine Human Harmony

Welcome to my website! My name is Marc Douglas. However, that name was already taken on webs and this site was suggested to me, lol :-) I'm not a congressman nor congress woman nor do I have any plans to try and join that fulsomely August, useless body. In fact ever since Obama got elected I've become completely disillusioned with politics. Don't presume now, I'm definitely now one of those frothing at the mouth Teabaggers who is so blinded by their hatred that they would rather see the country burn than try to do one constructive thing.

Rather, I was a huge supporter of him but have lost all hope seeing how little he's been able to get done in the last seven years. Guess it's not entirely his fault, gridlock is the order of the day in DC. Anyhoo, enough ranting and raving. The reason I started this little site is political though. I've given up on getting money out of politics, but I still have some hope that the average citizen can effect positive change - if only on the local level. My 'pet' cause, if you will, is BSL or Breed Specific Legislation. The shortsighted, stupid idea that certain breeds of dogs should be banned in municipalities. This harkens back to Jim Crow laws and will be viewed undoubtedly negatively by future generations. The eloquent video on the right explains it much better than I can.
How you can help:
Write to your congressperson!
  • Here are a select few counties with BSL BS laws: